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School Programs

We offer programs that connect with the Ohio School Standards and adult education. All programs are free. We come to your classroom and bring materials needed unless it is a special design project. The following are areas in which programs can be done. Each program is tailored to grade and can be changed based upon the needs of each teacher. Each program is designed to have an introduction, activity and debriefing time. Also, refer to the program sheets specific to each grade. If you have an idea that is not below, please make a suggestion and we may be able to help design something. Reach out to Bonnie Brooks by filling out the form below, emailing or at 419-523-5159 to schedule. 

Program Areas include

  • Adaptations

  • Animal Tracks

  • Bugs

  • Enviroscape

  • Food chains, webs and life connections

  • Ground Water

  • Habitats and Ecosystems

  • Life Necessities

  • Mining

  • Prairies

  • Project Based Learning on the Landscape

  • Recycling and Pre-cycling

  • The Scientific Method

  • Soils

  • Solar Ovens

  • Stream Monitoring

  • Trees

  • Topo Maps

  • Water

  • Worms and Worm Bin Life

  • Wildlife Populations

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Specific Grade Level Programs:

More to come.....

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Brochure - page 2.png
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