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1. Voluntary Nutrient Management Plan Development & Implementation

All plans need to be complete before any Spring nutrients are applied. Completed plans have been paid $2/acre.

A record application sheet needs to be filled out for each field. All nutrients that you apply need to be recorded on the form. (starter, sidedress, buggy cart, etc.) Application records will be needed from any nutrients applied by a retailer. Please keep all these records organized by field in order that they are on your field worksheets. 

Below you can download the pdf or we have it in excel for you to add your own information. All asterisk columns are required. 

After spring field work is complete, please schedule an appointment to verify all necessary documentation. Implementation payment is $2/acre. 

2. Variable Rate Application

Any fertilizer that was applied last fall will be verified in February. We will be going to the retailers to check as applied maps. Payment is $8/acre. 

3. Subsurface Phosphorus Application

Any fertilizer that is applied will need to be recorded on the record application sheet. It must follow your Nutrient Management Plan. 


Phosphorus must be placed below the surface (strip-till, nutrient tool, planter, etc.) at a rate of more than 20 lbs. P2O5. No broadcast application of Phosphorus is allowed for the length of the program.

Payment is $30/acre. 

4. Manure Incorporation

All manure needs to be included in your nutrient management plan. We will need a recent manure analysis. If you do not have one; we can help you send a sample in. We will then provide you with a manure application rate sheet to follow.

Manure must be incorporated within 24 hours after application. Please keep appropriate records and follow Ohio NRCS 590 Standard. A cover crop must be planted by October 15th. It does not have to be overwintering; but if you choose you can combine with Practice #6. 


Payment is $35/acre for poultry manure and $60/acre for all other types of manure.  

For verification, we will need to check your signed application records along with checking your cover crop records (See Practice #6 for more details).

5a. Conservation Crop Rotation - Small Grains

Small Grains program entails harvest of your small grain this summer followed with a cover crop seeded by October 15th. It does not have to be overwintering; but if you choose you can combine with #6. Payment is $30/acre.

For verification we will need to check your cover crop (See Practice #6 for more details). Harvest documentation is not necessary. 

5b. Conservation Crop Rotation - Forages

Perennial forages must be established in the rotation. Practice must be maintained a minimum of 2 years from the date of installation. Payment is $35/acre.

6. Overwintering Cover Crops

Overwintering cover crops must be planted by November 1st and remain until March 15th the following year. Seeding rates must be followed - please see below sheet. Over 50% must be an overwintering variety. We will be doing spot checks in the fall and spring.


At your appointment we will need to verify invoice for amount purchased and a seed tag or germ test. 


If you use your own seed; OSU Extension can help send your seed to be tested. They need 1 cup of seed and it cost around $10. They will mail you your results. 

Payment is $25/acre. 

Cover Crop Guidance Sheet.jpg

7. Drainage Water Management

Location map and tile map will be needed. Design will be done by our office. Construction can begin after design approval. 

Payments will be made upon approval and completion of structures. Payment is up to $1,500/structure and $4,000 for structure with main. If you have not already done so, please bring in any maps necessary for design.  


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