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Beaver in a Bag Project

The concept of Beaver in a Bag is to use the already established ditch drainage system and install retention basins within that system. We are essentially creating mini wetlands in the ditch without having to move dirt with very little engineering needed. We are also retaining thousands of gallons of water during each rainfall event, in turn reducing the phosphorus loading.

Experiments we are currently doing: 

- Using sandbags to hold back water during a 1/2 to 1 inch rainfall event. The water is then slowly released over 24 hours so it has time to filter out.

- Ditch Cleaning Modification where we only dip out part of the ditch that is needed while leaving the rest of the vegetation that is already established. This enables the tiles to drain appropriately but we are using the vegetative areas to slow and filter the water as it moves down the ditch.

Beaver in a Bag Diagram.png

Timelasp video of Beaver in a Bag using sandbags.

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