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Pollinator Gardens

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Consult the following sites to find Ohio Native Plants

1. Plant Finder – National Wildlife Federation


2. Xerces Society for Great Lakes Region


3. Keystone Plants by Ecoregion – National Wildlife Federation


4. Soft Landings – Information on planting under trees including species

Possible Grant Opportunities

Bee and Butterfly Fund

Will provide free seed for 2-25 acres of prairie. Must be approved through application process to receive.

Applications are accepted year-round. 

Pheasants/Quail Forever Pollinator Grants

Grants of up to $500 from local chapter and $500 matching from federal dollars. For Pollinator programs.,%2C%20Garden%20Club%20etc.)

Wildlife Education Grant – ODNR Division of Wildlife $500/year. Grants can fund multiple projects at one location, but only one grant is permitted each fiscal year (July 1-June 30). ANYTHING that promotes wildlife. Native plantings, nesting boxes, signage, field trips, research, etc.

DNR+9009+Wildlife+Education+Grant+Application.pdf (

Where to Buy Ohio Native Plants

Where to Buy Ohio Native Seed


***Never plant Helianthus maximiliani (Maximilian Sunflower) - they are invasive in any soil



YOUTUBE video must see

Doug Tallamy



How to Establish Prairies


Identifying Plants and Any kind of Animal

SEEK APP by iNaturalist



Formal Prairie Plant Use Examples - 12 formal, native garden ideas

Examples of Pollinator Species

YouTube Videos of Pollinator Gardens


Simple Planting of Small Pollinator Garden


Free garden plan software (limited icons)


Inexpensive garden plan software ($38, or free for schools/not-for-profit, lots of icons, customizable)


Various Native Garden Articles and Websites



Home Page:


Ohio Natives

Links for More Help!

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